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D91 TIDE Students Extract 2018.2019.3

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About This File


This PowerSchool plugin builds a CSV export to be used by TIDE to import your students. This version uses the 18-19 school year template.

Before We Get Started - Setup

The plugin makes some assumptions that your PowerSchool system is configured in a certain way. If you use PowerSchool for your ISEE reporting, you likely already have it configured correctly. However, if your system does not meet one or more of these requirements, the report may not work or you may get inaccurate information:

  • The District Number on District Setup ► District Info must be an integer (whole number--no letters, symbols, nor punctuation).
  • Your schools must have their State ID number listed as an Alternate School Number under District Setup ► Schools/School Info.
  • You use the Federal Ethnicity and Race options for your students' ethnicity/race selections, and they align to the Idaho State Reporting Guide's configuration.
  • LEP
    • Your Limited English Proficiency program names contain LEP - (that is LEP space dash space) and the LEP Status (e.g. L1, LE, etc) is set inside the active record.
    • The student's Language Code is assumed to be ENG (English) unless another language is found on an active LEP record.
    • The student's LEP Entry and Exit Dates are taken from the ID_LEPEntDate and ID_LEPExitDate fields found on State/Province - ID ► Immigrant and LEP Information (and can also be found under the link called Special Program Student Fields inside of Edit Special Program Enrollment).
  • Migrant
    • Your Migrant program names contain MIG - (that is MIG space dash space).
  • Section 504
    • Your Section 504 program names start with 504 - (that is 504 space dash space).
  • Special Education
    • Your Special Education program names contain SPE -  (that is SPE space dash space).
  • Not Reported to TIDE
    • Primary Disability Type, Alternate Assessment, and Paper Tester.
    • If you need to report these, you must manually edit the extract and set it or edit it in TIDE after the import.

Before We Get Started - Notes

  • You may need to adapt the instructions below to your system if your district/charter has customized the menus.
  • Rather than itemizing each click through the menu screens, I use the ► symbol to separate each item you're clicking.

Note on Extended Schema

The plugin does not (yet) require that you've migrated your state custom fields to extended schema. If you meet the above criteria, the plugin is set to work whether you have migrated or not. If you have not yet migrated, please do so soon. PowerSchool already expects this to be complete to receive support and future updates for State Reporting may fail if you don't get that done. Please see my presentation on extended schema if you need more information on this.

How to Install the Plugin

Feel free to refer to PowerSource article 79085 for PowerSchool 11.x or PowerSource article 80644 for PowerSchool 12.x if you want additional information. The section of the manual is called Plugin Management.

Note: If you have the 2016-17 version of my plugin installed, you must uninstall it before installing this version (steps below). Upgrades from 2017-18 and newer should work without uninstalling.

  1. Download the plugin and save it somewhere you can find it shortly. :)
  2. From the Start Page, choose System ► System Settings ► Plugin Management Configuration.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Click Choose File next to Plugin Installation File.
  5. Browse to the file you downloaded in Step 1 and select it.
  6. Click Install.
  7. The plugin was installed successfully. should appear at the top. Check the "enable" box for the D91 TIDE Students PowerQuery.
  8. Click Enable to complete the installation. You should get Plugin successfully enabled.

Continue with How to Use the Plugin below.

How to Uninstall the Plugin

Hopefully you're using these steps to remove the old version, but the steps are the same for any version of my plugin. 

If you're having issues with the current version, please let me know in the comments tab below.

  1. From the Start Page, choose System ► System Settings ► Plugin Management Configuration.
  2. Find the plugin and click the Delete button on the right.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

How to Downgrade/Reinstall/Update the Plugin (if it's already installed)

  1. Follow Steps 1-4 above, downloading the version that you want.
  2. Click on the plugin name, D91 TIDE Students PowerQuery.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Click Choose File next to Plugin Installation File.
  5. Browse to the file you downloaded and select it.
  6. Click Submit.
    • If you are reinstalling the same or a prior version to what you have, you'll get a warning and you'll have to click Submit again to force the install.
  7. If the plugin was enabled prior to the update, you'll be automatically asked if you want to enable the new version. Click Enable. You should get Plugin successfully enabled.

How to Use the Plugin

This plugin installs a PowerQuery into Data Export Manager. If you don't yet have permissions to Data Export Manager, please see the Required Setup above for information on configuring that.

  1. From the Start Page of the District Office, choose System ► Page and Data Management ► Data Export Manager.
  2. If you have NOT used this plugin before, skip to Step 4.
  3. Follow these bullets' instructions:
    • Click on the My Templates tab.
    • Click on the template you created for the TIDE 18-19 Students.
    • Skip to Step 8.
  4. Select Additional Data Sets from the Category dropdown.
  5. Select PowerQuery: D91 SBAC Student Export from the Export From dropdown.
  6. Click the checkmark beside STUDENTS to select all fields.
  7. You will need to go through all 25 fields and remove the STUDENTS.##_ part out. For example, instead of STUDENTS.01_DistrictID, you just want DistrictID.
    • Unfortunately, by default, PowerQueries will export their fields alphabetically. In order to ensure the fields are in the right order, I add numbers in front of the field names. However, TIDE will not understand these field names if you leave them this way so you need to strip them off.
    • The good news is we only have to do this once (until the fields change again). We'll be able to save this template shortly.
  8. Click Next.
  9. If you need to filter down to certain grade levels, you can use the Column Filters to do that here. Be sure you include a leading 0 because TIDE requires the GradeLevelWhenAssessed to always be two digits. If you want to preview the extract, click Show Records. When ready, click Next again.
    • Note that if you use filters and/or preview the extract, it shows the column names you saw originally, not the ones you cleaned up. Don't worry; the final extract will be right.
  10. Adjust the options on this screen as follows:
    • For the Export File Name, I used TIDE_students_export.csv. You can use any file name you want, but you must end it with .csv (period c s v).
    • Line Delimiter should either be CR or CR/LF.
    • Field Delimiter should be Comma.
    • Character Set should be Windows ANSI if you're on a Windows computer or Mac Roman on a Mac.
    • Leave the Include Column Headers box checked.
    • If any of your kids' first, middle, or last names have a comma in it, you need to check Surround "Field Values" in Quotes, but otherwise that is not necessary.
  11. If you HAVE used this plugin before, skip to Step 13.
  12. Follow these bullets' instructions:
    • Click Save Template. This will save you having to clear out all the STUDENTS.##_ stuff next time. :)
    • Give the template a name. I named mine TIDE 18-19 Students, but you can use any name you want. I usually set the school year in the name because the templates usually change each year. You can set a Description if you want. Otherwise, just click Save as New.
  13. Click Export. Save the file somewhere easily to locate. This is the file you'll send up to TIDE.

Importing the Students into TIDE

  1. Access TIDE at https://maac.tide.airast.org/ and get logged in.
  2. Click on Students ► Upload Students from the left panel.
  3. Next to Choose File, click Browse.
  4. Find the file you exported above and select it.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Next. It may take a moment for TIDE to preview your file.
  6. If everything looks good, scroll down to the bottom and click Next again.
  7. The next step depends on whether you have over 1000 students in the file or not.
    • 1000 or fewer students:
      • A brief confirmation showing how many records are being committed is shown.
      • Click Continue with Upload.
      • TIDE will validate your file on the fly and provide you status of any issues it finds.
    • More than 1000 students:
      • You'll be prompted that the file will be processed offline and a separate notification by e-mail will be sent when the processing is complete.
      • Click Continue with Upload.
      • Correct your information if needed, then click Continue. (Only the name and e-mail address are required).
      • That's it! Await the e-mail confirmation and the students should be loaded.
  8. If there are any errors, you'll need to confirm that your system meets the requirements above and/or make any manual corrections to the export.

Last, But Not Least

I hope this helps!

Many hours went into building this plugin and documenting its use. Please do me a favor and leave a review (in the Review tab below) if you use my plugin and let me know how it worked for you. If you have general questions, feedback, technical issues, or typos with the plugin or its documentation, feel free to use the Comments tab to let me know. Support is limited but I'll help if I can. If your questions are more about the process of loading the students into TIDE, or things beyond the plugin itself, please ask those questions in the forum so that a wider audience will see them and can assist.

Thank you!

--Vance M. Allen

What's New in Version 2018.2019.3


Changes in the 2018.2019.3 version:

  • FIXED: Removed Economic Disadvantage column; TIDE no longer needs this.

Changes in the 2017.2018.2 version:

  • FIXED: Students with multiple active LEP records would cause the query to crash.
    • If multiple LEP records are found, only the newest will be used for the LEPCategory.
  • UPDATED: Students not on an active LEP program will no longer extract "N/A" for their LEPCategory; it will instead be blank.

Changes in the 2017.2018 version:

  • UPDATED: Now using the TIDE 17-18 format.
  • UPDATED: Plugin is now more generically named so you won't have to uninstall it to load new versions starting next year (unfortunately, you do need to uninstall the 16-17 version to use this version).
  • ADDED: Due to issues AIR had in TIDE that have been unresolved for several districts, ALL students with an Entry Date on or after their school's first day of school will pull, even if they never attended this year. The Delete flag will be set to Yes on any inactive students to purge them from the TIDE system.
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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Vance, will you be doing an update to this for this year? A couple of the fields have changed for the new upload file this year. This has been a huge help and time saver. Thanks for sharing it.

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On 2/16/2018 at 1:41 PM, Chad Carlile said:

Vance, will you be doing an update to this for this year? A couple of the fields have changed for the new upload file this year. This has been a huge help and time saver. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for the reminder. The 17-18 version is now online. :)  Please leave a review to let me know how it's working for you.

Edited by Vance M. Allen
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13 minutes ago, Jim Ohlensehlen said:

Vance, how are you handling the dual enrollment in district and out that is created by simply uploading student records in your district?

AIR automatically marks a student as dual enrollment if two districts add the student's information into their TIDE system. What this extract does is exports anybody who has enrollment dates of this school year, even if they never attended (i.e. same entry/exit dates, or exit date prior to entry date). Then it checks if the student is active or not. If they are not, it sets the Delete flag to Yes, so it will remove them from your TIDE, thus taking them out of dual enrollment and giving them solely to the new district. TIDE can continue to receive delete requests for students you don't have without errors, so there's no need to track who you've deleted from TIDE and who you haven't.

This code doesn't address dual enrollment in-district. Only the current school is exported; there is no deletion of the student's tie to the old school. If there is a need to delete prior school enrollments within the same district, I could build that in but it'll take some time.

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Just now, Teri Hinrichs said:

I'm not sure my LEP Status is correct, How can I edit them?

Do you mean that you're not sure if the statuses are set correctly in your special programs? Or you're not sure if my export is pulling them correctly?

If the former, you edit them via Special Programs, click the LEP program, then scroll to the bottom and the statuses are a dropdown choice.

If the latter, please give more detail on what is causing you to question the export.

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There are three criteria required for an LEP program to be found and used for this export:

  1. Student must be enrolled in a program that contains "LEP - " (LEP space hyphen space) in its name.
    • The program name can be something like LEP - Limited English ProficiencyX1LEP - Limited English Proficiency, etc.
    • Note that any prefix (e.g. X1) on the program name itself does NOT set the status. See #3 below.
  2. The program must be active as of the date you are running the export (i.e. the exit date is beyond today, or is open-ended with 0/0/0).
  3. The status is set at the bottom.


This is the same logic used by PowerSchool's Student Demographics report for ISEE.

Please let me know if you have further questions. :)


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Oh; I didn't realize those changes had pushed through already. PowerSchool said that was coming but I thought that was another month out.

You're in the right spot, and the fields themselves didn't change, only the labels they use for them on the page. However, the program name itself (up at the top) needs to have "LEP - " in the name for this version of the report to pick up the program (I haven't yet updated this report to allow EL space hyphen space). If you have renamed your programs to EL, I will need to update this plugin to handle that.

Do your LEP program name(s) have LEP space hyphen space, like this?


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The LEP one at the bottom of your screenshot is the one you'd need to add to any kids receiving LEP services (the program name need only have LEP space hyphen space, which it looks like it has), and then you'd need to set their status in that section at the bottom we were talking about before.

Hope this helps!


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1 hour ago, Teri Hinrichs said:

Do you know of any reason that I would get this error while trying to run the export?

Hi Teri,

The most common reason for that is if there is Field Level Security and you don't have access to one or more of the fields I'm using in the query. Typically it is the LunchStatus field that is locked up, which is used for your Economically Disadvantaged column. If you don't have Field Level Security set up, or if you're sure that's not the problem, please let me know.



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11 minutes ago, Teri Hinrichs said:

I'm pretty sure I have access to everything.

Okay, I think we will need to take this to a personal message to further troubleshoot from here so it doesn't e-mail notify everyone following this download. :)

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Hi Vance,

It looks like TIDE has added the EconimicDisadvantageStatus field back into their upload file. Will you be updating this for the 19-20 year? Also not sure why but when I'm running this I am getting a bunch of students that have No in each ethnicity column even though they have ethnicity set. Kind of strange since last year it was fine. Did something change in powerschool with the ethnicity fields that is keeping this report from putting in a yes on an ethnicity column for some of the students?



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Thanks for the heads up on this, Chad. Yes, I will update it for 19-20. 🙂 I have not gotten into TIDE yet to check for changes as I've had to be working on ISEE for our summer submission and several other start-of-year tasks. Was this the only change in the template?

I'm not aware of any reason that ethnicity would be working differently. It should be using the same method for ethnicity that ISEE does--in other words, it should be using the Federal Race checkboxes and the Hispanic/Latino Yes/No radio buttons.

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Yes, I believe that only change was the Economic Disadvantage Status was back on as the last column (besides the delete student).


As for the ethnicity does it pull the race checkbox or the scheduling/reporting ethnicity dropdown? We have both set so it is weird we are getting some that have no for every ethnicity while others are just fine. I will see if I can figure out if it is a specific combination of settings that is coming up with the issue.

Thanks for the time you put into this report!

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So if I change the ethnicity to something else and submit then change it back and submit it seems to work. Strange since these are not new students and I didn't have this issue last year.

Thought I would share the fix in case anyone else runs into this problem.

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