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  1. That is super weird. Nothing has changed with how that is used by ISEE between 18-19 and 19-20, and I can't think of any reason why it would work before and not now. I'll check the code and see if I can find something wrong.
  2. That is extremely odd. Are the ethnicities pulling on your ISEE report for affected kids?
  3. It would use the checkboxes for race and the yes/no radio buttons for the Hispanic/Latino. Scheduling Ethnicity is not used by ISEE so I did not use it for this report.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this, Chad. Yes, I will update it for 19-20. 🙂 I have not gotten into TIDE yet to check for changes as I've had to be working on ISEE for our summer submission and several other start-of-year tasks. Was this the only change in the template? I'm not aware of any reason that ethnicity would be working differently. It should be using the same method for ethnicity that ISEE does--in other words, it should be using the Federal Race checkboxes and the Hispanic/Latino Yes/No radio buttons.
  5. Version 2019.01.23.2


    Objective This plugin adds an option to consolidate duplicate contacts found when looking at a student's profile. Disclaimers/Known Issues PowerSchool has some known issues with consolidation and this plugin does not resolve those. If you perform a consolidation using this plugin and the people are not consolidated, that would have happened whether you used this plugin or not. Please do not report bugs for that. The only bugs that would be mine to solve are those on the student's Contacts page itself. Once you click Consolidate Contacts and are taken to anot
  6. Okay, I think we will need to take this to a personal message to further troubleshoot from here so it doesn't e-mail notify everyone following this download.
  7. Hi Teri, The most common reason for that is if there is Field Level Security and you don't have access to one or more of the fields I'm using in the query. Typically it is the LunchStatus field that is locked up, which is used for your Economically Disadvantaged column. If you don't have Field Level Security set up, or if you're sure that's not the problem, please let me know. Thanks, Vance
  8. The LEP one at the bottom of your screenshot is the one you'd need to add to any kids receiving LEP services (the program name need only have LEP space hyphen space, which it looks like it has), and then you'd need to set their status in that section at the bottom we were talking about before. Hope this helps! --Vance
  9. Oh; I didn't realize those changes had pushed through already. PowerSchool said that was coming but I thought that was another month out. You're in the right spot, and the fields themselves didn't change, only the labels they use for them on the page. However, the program name itself (up at the top) needs to have "LEP - " in the name for this version of the report to pick up the program (I haven't yet updated this report to allow EL space hyphen space). If you have renamed your programs to EL, I will need to update this plugin to handle that. Do your LEP program name(s) have LEP spac
  10. No problem. Thanks for raising your questions. Feel free to let me know if others come up.
  11. There are three criteria required for an LEP program to be found and used for this export: Student must be enrolled in a program that contains "LEP - " (LEP space hyphen space) in its name. The program name can be something like LEP - Limited English Proficiency, X1LEP - Limited English Proficiency, etc. Note that any prefix (e.g. X1) on the program name itself does NOT set the status. See #3 below. The program must be active as of the date you are running the export (i.e. the exit date is beyond today, or is open-ended with 0/0/0). The status is set
  12. Do you mean that you're not sure if the statuses are set correctly in your special programs? Or you're not sure if my export is pulling them correctly? If the former, you edit them via Special Programs, click the LEP program, then scroll to the bottom and the statuses are a dropdown choice. If the latter, please give more detail on what is causing you to question the export.
  13. AIR automatically marks a student as dual enrollment if two districts add the student's information into their TIDE system. What this extract does is exports anybody who has enrollment dates of this school year, even if they never attended (i.e. same entry/exit dates, or exit date prior to entry date). Then it checks if the student is active or not. If they are not, it sets the Delete flag to Yes, so it will remove them from your TIDE, thus taking them out of dual enrollment and giving them solely to the new district. TIDE can continue to receive delete requests for students you don't have wit
  14. Thanks for the reminder. The 17-18 version is now online. Please leave a review to let me know how it's working for you.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Objective This PowerSchool engine report builds a CSV export to be used by PowerSchool's Data Import Manager so you can migrate your active accommodations stored under Special Programs to the new table. Copyright Notice This engine report was developed completely on my own time without pay, and is therefore copyrighted to me. Districts and charters are licensed to use this report only as an end-user as described on this download page. The code may not be redistributed except by the Tech Talk forums, re-used, modified, altered, stolen, etc. in whole or in part except as described explicitly in
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